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Patrick Elsen


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Being born into a Luxembourgish family and growing up in Contern I learned to love our wonderful nature and saw my country changing from agriculture and industry to a multicultural society and international work place.

As the European idea and living abroad has fascinated me I studied engineering in Germany and Poland and a MBA Spain. Furthermore, I’ve spent most of my professional career abroad, managing innovation projects in the automotive industry and alternative energy sectors.

Today, I live with my family in Contern. It is a safe and beautiful environment and I consider of utmost importance for our kids to grow up in a multilingual and multicultural environment.

In my free time I love to go mountain biking, from the open pit mines in the south to our sand stone rocks in the east there is no tour or race I’ll miss. The landscapes you can discover are astonishing therefore I also take our kids outdoor whenever possible.

Since I have planned to stay in my home town, I consider it my duty and honour to contribute to the wealth of my commune. As an engineer and manager, I am experienced in optimizing workflows, expenditures and timing of projects but also teamwork and social interactions with colleagues. From the best use of our technical installations to the streamlining of our organization there are several topics I want to commit too, so that our tax money is used effective and efficient.

Our commune’s infrastructure has improved a lot throughout the last years but due to the dynamic growth of our commune, new challenges lie ahead. Some key topics are the integration of new inhabitants and the management of the everyday growing traffic. In addition to promote alternative mobility solutions, we need to investigate the means we have to manage transit traffic. In my opinion bypass roads and calming circulation in the village centers have been proven successful solutions.


Patrick ELSEN