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Eis Kleng si fir eis keng Klengegkeet

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We will ensure that the staff, the premises and the resources for education and childcare are the best possible, especially with respect to digitalization. Our sport infrastructures, which meet the most stringent requirements, must be available for training and competitions as required for education and for sports clubs. The opening times of the Maison Relais are to be adapted to the needs of the parents, and we are planning to set up a platform where all who are involved in the children's education can exchange ideas.

Zesumme wunnen an engem Haus. Zesumme liewen an enger Gemeng.

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Community life

We will ensure further a continuous development of the existing space in order to make the individual and common cohabitation within the community increasingly attractive and more comfortable. Special concerns are as example affordable housing, especially for young households, local shops and freelance service providers, assisted living, accessibility for disabled citizens, walking, cycling and mountain biking trails.


We will continue to strive to promote the integration of new citizens, Luxemburger and non-Luxemburger in our celebrations, festivals and community life, as well as to broaden the range of Luxembourg language courses.


With regard to the annual international comics festival in Contern, we will work to establish a permanent point of contact with the library. We will strengthen and further develop the ContArt concept. We will cooperate with the Tourism Regional Office Guttland to better market the tourist offer in our municipality.

Fir Gemengen, an deene mir jonk kënne sinn an al wëlle ginn.

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Quality of life and safety

We will ensure that the necessary resources and assistance are offered to families, young people and the elderly (babysitting, tutoring, theme play areas, medical and social structures, club senior Syrdall, Syrdalheem) according to their needs. The success of Conti Bus (8002 20 20), which serves the individual localities of the municipality and various stations in Sandweiler and Niederanven, calls for a further expansion of this service. We support the establishment of small shops and service providers in the vicinity of the citizens, which create jobs and at the same time relieve the local car traffic.

The recent fusion of the fire brigades of the communes of Contern and Waldbredimus to the Service d'Incendie et de Sauvetage of the Communes de Contern et Waldbredimus allows a better service to the citizens, a service which is mainly based on volunteerism.

We support the necessary continuous training in voluntary service. The merger of the police stations Moufort, Niederanven and Roodt-sur-Syre to the joint "Commissariat de Police du Syrdall" guarantees an increased police presence. The municipal police regulation must be revised in order to coordinate the regulations of the different municipalities. To relieve the police, we are of the opinion that municipal agents should be employed to control violations of local regulations.

We promote to push awareness for the website "futti @ contern. lu ", where you can report all defects on public infrastructure and other damages. And will introduce a better follow up on the reported damages.

Mir schwätze vill Sproochen, online ass eng dovunner.

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The municipal administration serving the citizens 

The conversion and enlargement of the town hall now allows the municipal staff and the municipal council to benefit from a modern, state-of-the-art infrastructure.  So we will improve the service to the citizen constantly. Since the introduction of the opening time on Wednesdays at 07:00 is a success, we plan to extend the opening hours on certain days of the week. An employer must constantly motivate its staff. By providing a continuous formation in the field of communication and computer science, he can ensure a qualitative service. In addition to the personal desk, the electronic desk will be further expanded.

In addition to the public editorial group "Gemengebuet", the Conter app, the SMS-to-citizen, Twitter or Facebook, we will introduce a "e-Gemengebuet", which will be published in short intervals. We are investigating the possibility to provide electronic announcements at various locations in the municipality in order to convey digital information, which is still present on paper in the "Reider", digitally. We will regularly organize public information and counseling meetings with simultaneous translation. The continuous growth of the municipality compels us to renew the obsolete sewerage system and adapt the separate evacuation of the rainwater and the sewage so that future uncontrollable flooding is avoided. On the basis of a multi-year planning, we will continue the community's far-sighted financial policy in order to have the necessary scope to achieve the goals of our community.

Eis Energie setze mir geziilt an, zum Beispill fir Energie ze spueren.

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Ecology and ecological cost efficiency

We want to establish an optimal use of energy and where the community has an influence a focus on renewable energies. The energetic renovation of the municipal buildings is an example. The municipal cadaster of the roof surfaces, which are particularly suitable for solar collectors, must be spread. The criteria for sustainable development and recycling should be a part of the specification for any submission. Gradually, we will exchange lighting and replace it with LED technology. The work of the "Klimapakt" working group has to be continued. In the field of environmental protection, we give absolute priority to the protection of our own water sources and soil protection. The completion of a separate collection system for rain and waste water will be continued. The communal forests are used according to the criteria of sustainable development. We encourage farmers to shape their work practices for the benefit of nature and biodiversity. The principles of waste prevention and waste recycling are used systematically. We are planning a study on the feasibility of district heating networks.

Lëtzebuerg kann alles erreechen. Ze Fouss, mam Bus, Zuch, Vëlo an Auto.

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Mobility and traffic safety

We give our road and traffic safety our constant and full attention (shared space, promoting mild mobility, reducing the speed limit in the localities). We support the test phase of a traffic light system, which switches to red when the speed limit is exceeded and if successful will install it on all identified danger points.

We will work out a global and coherent concept for mild mobility between the different localities and beyond (bicycle and pedestrian paths). We are in favor of a bicycle rental system and we will install bike garages at every railway stop in our community.

We will pay attention to the fact that the number of parking spaces at the railway stations is significantly increased and adapted to the needs. We would like to introduce the residents' parking so that the cars who come from abroad no longer block the existing parking spaces all day long. The inhabitants of the municipality are not subject to this regulation. So they will find parking possibility especially in the shops and meeting places areas.

We are committed to that the activity zone who bring us economic benefits will not affect the quality of life of the inhabitants through increased traffic volumes. We insist that the connections are optimized and significantly improved by means of various transport options (train, bus, bicycle, walking). For example, we strongly support the projects to connect the activity zone directly to the bypass road from Sandweiler and the motorway to Trier, as well as a bypass road for Contern.

Since traffic is a major contributor to environmental pollution. We will have a survey of traffic volume to quantify the extent of pollution and to define improvement measures.